NRA Highpower, Service Rifle, NRA Long Range/Palma, Precision Rifle

US Army Marksmanship Instructor, NRA Rifle High Master, US National Rifle Team Member

3-time NRA National Highpower Champion
4-time Interservice Rifle Champion (current record holder)
5-time Interservice Long Range Rifle Champion (current record holder)
3-time CMP Mountain Man Champion
President’s 100 Rifle Match record holder
4 time National Trophy Individual Champion (current record holder)
2-time Wimbledon Cup Champion

I would like to share lessons learned through years of competitive rifle experience with everyone out there. I will be discussing everything from basic rifle setup and positions to championship winning mental management and everything in between. As we all know, most good lessons are learned the hard way but hopefully these videos will help set you up for success throughout your shooting careers. A lot of this information will help everyone from the average weekend plinker through the seasoned rifle competitor, so please check out the videos and let us know if there is anything else we can cover to get you to the next level.

If you have any feedback or requests for new classes please send me a message here.