NRA Bullseye

NRA High Master

~ Two time NRA National Outdoor Pistol Champion
~ Two time NRA National Indoor Pistol Champion
~ Nine time President’s 100 winner and match record holder
~ Four time National Trophy winner and match record holder
~ Nine time Pistol InterService champion and match record holder
~ 2015 World Cup finalist and Free Pistol Olympic Quota winner
~ Three time USAS Free Pistol National Champion
~ Two Time USAS Air Pistol National Champion
~ 68 Individual and Team National Records
~ Member of the 2670 Club
~ CMP Distinguished – Service Pistol
~ NRA Distinguished – Revolver
~ Competitive shooter since 1989
~ 15 years on the USAMU Service Pistol Team
~ 12 years on the USAR Service Pistol Team

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