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Miculek School Of The Shooting Arts

I am a third generation competitive shooter following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, Mother and Father. I might only be 24, but in my professional shooting career of 8 years I have managed over 100 major wins, 8 World titles in five different disciplines and recently became the first woman to set a NRA World Speed Shooting Record.

Shooting for me is not just a pastime, hobby or even passion, it’s my life. That’s why I’m here, my mission is to share with you all my tips, tricks, hacks, guns, gear and so much more in my own, slightly odd (but always practical) way!

In my videos I keep it very real, showing you the good along side the bad and how to learn from it all! My goal is to teach you how to teach yourself: to get you thinking about “Why do I do this…?” and then “How do I improve?” My videos will give you simple effective answers to all of your questions from the basics of shooting to everything thing I have personally learned along my shooting journey.I don’t claim to be a Master of anything, I’m just a girl that has put in a lot of time, sweat, and tears into something I love.

If you have any feedback or requests for new classes please send me a message here.