Olympic Skeet Shooting

NRA Certified Instructor

2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
3-Time Olympian
4-Time World Champion
11-Time World Cup Champion
Hold every World/National Record and 4 Olympic Records
2-Time ISSF Athlete of the Year

I have been studying and training for Clay Shooting for the majority of my life. The intricacies of every movement are what help shooters obtain the ability to be precision-based athletes. These videos discuss the proper movements from the very beginning all the way to myself as an elite level Olympic athlete. The basics are far too often overlooked and the mental side of things seem to take over the mind of an Athlete.

Here, I will show you how to incorporate the perfection based “basics” into your routine and allow you to build a simple framework to base your body and mind on. Doing this will allow you to simplify everything you are doing and make shooting perfect scores easy!

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